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Buying or Selling a Business?

The transfer of a business is often more complicated than one may realise. We have an enormous amount of experience being amongst the first conveyancers in Victoria to be permitted to undertake conveyancing for business transactions (many conveyancers are not licensed to provide this service).

Like all professional services, there is a considerable variation in quality amongst conveyancers when it comes to dealing with complex matters. It is important to take care and ensure you pick someone with considerable skill and experience. In most circumstances we can offer a fixed price that is catered to your specific needs, and we are highly competitive compared to most legal representatives.

We specialise in small to medium businesses such as:

  • Cafes and eateries
  • Hotels and conference centers
  • Retail and online retail business
  • Childcare centers

Our 4 step process

The professional team at will review your contract and s32 within 24 business hours.

Contract review

The professional team at will review your contract and S32 within 24 business hours. A review of these documents will highlight issues such as easements, caveats, covenants and other potential irregularities affecting the property.


Our experienced lawyers will advise you on the potential consequences of amendments to the contract to ensure your rights are paramount throughout the process. Once the contract is signed by both the purchaser and the seller we move onto the conveyance of the property.

Settlement process

Settlement is when the representatives for both the seller, purchaser and their respective banks meet to exchange documents and funds to finalise the transaction.

Ready to Move

The purchaser can now move into their new home. Moving in becomes hassle free with our partnership with MovingHub where all your utilities and services are connected with a click of a button.

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Buying or Selling a business?

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