Importance of Vendor Statement Certificates

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Importance of Vendor Statement Certificates

Vendor statements are more commonly known as Section 32’s. These are documents which along with the contract of sale portion make a complete contract for all Victorian property sales- Commercial, residential and land sales.The Vendor statement is made up of several certificates pertaining to the property such as Certificate of Title; Plan of Subdivision, Vic Roads Certificate, Council Rates, and Water Rates.

Additional certificates are required should your property be part of your investment portfolio.If your property is used as an investment property the following certificates also apply; Land Tax certificate, tenancy lease agreements and Owners Corporation (Body Corp) certificates and minutes are also included. Any planning permits for works done or due to commence are also required. Should the property be a newly built dwelling, a certificate of occupancy is also a requirement.Once all these documents are obtained, the vendor’s statement can be produced and completed, ready to be signed by the vendor as an acknowledgement that all the documents are true to their knowledge. For more information visit us today at or call 1300 635 556

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