Whether you are purchasing a business, warehouse or commercial dwelling, our experienced staff will guide you through the process

Our experienced property specialists will advise you on how to best protect your interests throughout the transaction

Our property specialists will help you navigate your way through the legal jargon to ensure a smooth effortless transaction.

Buying a Commercial Property

Consult your financial advisor to request advice on tax management and asset protection to ensure you are purchasing the right property with the most appropriate entity.

Contact Conveyancer.com.au and submit the Contract of Sale and S32 for a free review, so that we can advise of any potential issues and suggest changes to the contract prior to signing.

Once negotiations are finalised and both parties have signed the contract your real estate agent will provide conveyancer.com.au a copy of the contract.

Complete our initial instructions and provide us the contact details for your broker/ lender to prepare the necessary documents to ensure the transaction is as smooth as possible.

Conveyancer.com.au will attend settlement on your behalf and advise when the matter has been finalised.

Buying and selling commercial properties is more complex and detailed than your standard residential transactions. The team at Conveyancer.com.au are conveyancing lawyers who have years of experience in the commercial and retail space.

Whether you are purchasing a business, warehouse or other commercial dwelling, our conveyancing specialists will support you throughout the process. Our property experts will ensure the correct structures are created and all relevant authorities are notified to avoid complications post settlement.

Selling a Commercial Property

Step 1: Engage a real estate agent.

Step 2: Complete our initial instruction sheet ensuring to provide as much information on the property as possible.

Step 3: We will order the required certificates and prepare the contracts providing both yourself and your agent with a copy.

Step 4: Once the Property has sold we will prepare the necessary documents for settlement and attend on your behalf.