5 Things to look for on a Certificate of Title

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5 Things to look for on a Certificate of Title

All States and Territories in Australia maintain a public database of the Certificate of Titles. Title searches are simple, yet important documents, which provides invaluable information about a parcel of land, if you know what to look for!

  1. Owner: The Title will specify the full name and address of the legal owner of the land. Importantly, the listed address may not be the registered owners current address.
  2. Mortgages: A bank may be listed on title if they hold a mortgage over the property. Before legally disposing of the property they must discharge their debt to the bank.
  3. Covenants: Restrictions placed on the use of the land. Covenants may also restrict what, where and the materials permitted to build on the land.
  4. Easements: An Easement is notification of a 3rd party's right to utilise part of the land. Common easements include connection of essential services and rights of way.
  5. Caveats: Are legal notices, which provide a warning of a 3rd party's legal interest in the property. If a caveat appears on a Title it should serve as a red flag and you should seek's advice before proceeding.

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