5 Things to look for when inspecting a home

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5 Things to look for when inspecting a home

When attending open for inspections, it is quite easy to become distracted by the interior design, layout and features of a property. However, it is important that individuals who are serious about purchasing a property perform a few key checks to avoid their dream home becoming a financial disaster:1.Check for large and or fine cracks in the walls and ceiling of the property.2.Look for water stains on the walls and ceiling inside the property, especially in bathrooms and other wet areas.3. Check for damaged guttering, eaves, down pipes and poor drainage points around the property because it could signify problems in the future.4.Ensure all fixtures and fittings eg; dishwasher, taps, toilets etc are in working order. It is important to take note of the condition of all fittings and fixtures, as these items are often the subject of disputes between the parties at settlement.5. Enquire as to the services and amenities offered with the property to avoid disappointment and future costs post settlement ie; does it come with heating and cooling, gas or a pool etc.

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