Am I an Owner Builder?

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Am I an Owner Builder?

Owner builders are individuals who assume responsibility for building work undertaken on their own land. As an Owner Builder you may construct, alter and or renovate existing single domestic dwellings and non-habitable ancillary buildings, such as garages, pools, pergolas, fences etc.S25E of the Building Act (1993) requires, Owner builders to meet the following conditions to obtain the required permit;

  1. Applicant must be the owner of the land
  2. Building work must relate to a single domestic dwelling
  3. Applicant must live/ intend to live in the dwelling
  4. Applicant must not be in the "business of building" i.e. a licenced builder
  5. Complete the Owner builder learning assessment
  6. Applicant must ensure they have the required insurances
  7. Applicants MUST NOT have been issued with owner builder permit, within 5 years from the date of the current application.

Owner builder certificates of consent are not required where;

  1. Proposed building work is estimated to cost $16,000 or less
  2. Work not classed as domestic building work
  3. Building works are undertaken by a registered building practitioner.
  4. Proposed building work is required to fulfill an emergency and or building order issued in accordance with Part 8 of the Building Act 1993.

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