Tips to sell your home in Autumn

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Tips to sell your home in Autumn

1. Regular outdoor maintenance: Maintain the gardens, keep driveways and walkways clear to increase street appeal.2.Create a warm and inviting atmosphere: Crank up the heating and use scented candles to create ambience.3.Complete any minor home maintenance task: Attending to minor repairs will definately be noticed. Replace insulation, sealing any drafty areas around windows and doors. Touch up walls, doors, and trim areas that have scuffs, scratches, or other flaws. Dust thoroughly and remove any visible cobwebs.4.Utilise Lighting: Maximise lighting to create warmth. Replace standard light globes with brighter LED lights to highlight features of the home.5. Declutter the space: Making the property more spacious and inviting.If your looking to sell your home this Autumn, speak to the experienced lawyers at today!

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