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Selling Process Flow Chart

The professional team at will prepare both the contract of sale and section 32 within 24-48 business hours in accordance to your instructions ensuring all necessary disclosures are made. It does not matter whether you are selling with or without an agent, via an auction or a private sale we will tailor your contract to suit your needs in a timely manner so that you can begin searching for a buyer.

Once you have an interested buyer, our experienced lawyers will be able to advise you of the consequence of any changes to the contract requested by the purchaser to ensure you are not unfairly disadvantaged during the transaction.

Once the contract is finalised by both the buyer and the seller we move onto the conveyance of the property.

Your dedicated conveyancer/lawyer will liaise with the banks, purchaser and council and government authorities to ensure that any outstanding amounts relating to the property are paid in full allowing for a clear and unencumbered transfer of the property to the purchaser.

Settlement is when the representatives for both the seller, purchaser and their respective banks meet to exchange documents and funds to finalise the transaction.

The purchaser can now move into their new home. We notify council, water authorities and owners corporations if applicable of the change in ownership of the property. will eliminate the stress and headache commonly associated with organising the sale of your property. To get this started simply complete the online form, and our experienced and friendly conveyancing lawyers will guide you through the process.

Whether you are selling, privately or via an auction, will ensure your contract of sale contains all necessary disclosures for a smooth, hassle free sale. Regardless of whether you are selling with an agent or independently, will provide you with your contract within 24 hours (exceptions may apply) to ensure you find the right buyer for the property.