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Related Party Transfers

Transfers between parent and child, siblings and relatives etc.

Spousal Transfer

This is a transfer of property between Spouses and or De-facto partners. This form of transfer may trigger stamp duty concessions so speak to the team at today.

Deceased Estate Transfers

These are transfers, which take place as a consequence death of a Proprietor on Title either to remove them from the Title or to transfer property in accordance to the directions of a Will. The team at can advise on whether the Individuals may be eligible for stamp duty concessions and or exemptions depending on their specific situation.

Family Law Transfers

Transfers, which occur unfortunately due to the breakdown of a relationship. The team at will remain impartial to ensure all parties receive the same exceptional service and access to regular file updates and ongoing support.

Court Mandated Transfers

Transfers which occur as a consequence of a judgment/ ruling made by a Judge presiding over a case being heard in a court in Australia.

Not in Common Transfers (NICO)

Transfers of this nature arise during the subdivision or consolidation of land where there are different registered proprietors on each lot.

Buying or selling a property, is not the only reason to contact a conveyancer. The team at will help you navigate through the complexities of transferring property. Our specialised staff at will provide you with the knowledge to make this an effortless transaction.

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